€17000 Tip to dish Uchhe Mator Dal

I am glad to share my gratitudes to the recipe Uchhe Mator Dal that picked up €17000 as only Tip in a business event* dinner last Monday at Bristol, UK. My friend, follower and great chef* tried this recipe from Best Indian Food Blog just to present something new but no one could expect such a feedback!

And I consider this success as another real award to Best Indian Food Blog, but I believe only recipe is not always enough to prepare a good food rather your wisdom is very important always.

We frequently receive some appreciation from some chefs, hotels, event organisers and restaurants but that is really amazing! And that is why we are mad to travel all over India and update this blog every day. The pleasure and peace is priceless.

*Due to legal issues we have decided not to disclose the identity of the event and chef. The chef has informed us to try more recipes from Best Indian Food Blog for new events soon. He sent some images and clips of the event to us, but requested not to publish before Apr, 2019. We expect his huge success and reputation near future. Best of luck. Congratulations!

Uchhe Mator Dal
Uchhe Mator Dal

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  1. Sneha says:

    Nice.. congrats

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    1. Thank you very much! Keep visiting. You are a regular visitor of Best Indian Food Blog.

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