Location : West Bengal.

Ingredients : Gobindo Bhog Rice, Mung Dal, Salt, Dry Red Chili, Green Chili, Sugar, Mustard Oil, Turmeric, Panch Phoron, Water and Ginger.

Recipe at a Glance : Fry dal ⇒ pour water in dal and boil few minutes ⇒ add rice, green chili, salt, turmeric, ginger paste and boil ⇒ fry dry red chili and panch phoron with mustard oil and pour onto the boiled rice and dal ⇒ add sugar and cook sometime.

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I do not like to be famous as a chef, rather like to be a gourmet. Although I have completed my culinary education from a world famous culinary institute. Yes, the Institute is really great! But trust me there is nothing to be a chef but being a gourmet here is everything, I can find the value of life. I do not think, I could have contributed anything to the culinary industry in last few years. But some food lovers and culinary Institutions awarded me 11 times with 11 amazing titles! I am surprised! I always ask, do I really deserve it? Lots of famous chefs are doing great researches, developments, creativities and we should appreciate them with awards. And far from that I am travelling all over India. Discovering Indian aboriginal foods from rural and remote india. Communicating with locals and requesting them to cook their actual recipes as it is. I am tasting and collecting all the recipes with pictures on the way. I am filming Food in the Farm, how farmers selling their cultivated products at Farmers' Market, in the remote India how locals cook their food at Remote Kitchen, how they prepare their Ritual Food, how food is the central attraction in Food Festivals, why World Health Organisation says Indian Street Food is safe, how some foods become Best of the Chefs and after all some out of focused Nostalgic Foods are being captured in my camera with lots of nostalgia. I am not a chef, not a blogger but a traveller and gourmet. Let's go for a new a unknown place...

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