Elish-er Matha-Mulo Ghanto

Elish-er Matha-Mulo Ghanto
Elish-er Matha-Mulo Ghanto

Ingredients : Radish (Mulo), Potato, Hilsa Fish Head (Elish-er Matha), Ginger, cumin, Green Chili, Garam Masala, Turmeric, Salt, Sugar, Oil.

Recipe at a glance : Marinate fish head with salt and turmeric ⇒ fry and separate ⇒ chop potato ⇒ fry and separate ⇒ grate radish ⇒fry cumin ⇒ add ginger, cumin, green chili paste ⇒ fry ⇒ add salt, turmeric ⇒ turn and add radish ⇒ turn and cook ⇒ add potato and fish head ⇒ turn and cook ⇒ add sugar and garam masala ⇒ cook.

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