Dal Kachori

Dal Kachori
Dal Kachori

Location : Uttar Pradesh.

Ingredients : Mung Dal, Red Dry Chili, Fennel Seed, Cumin, Coriander, Garam Masala, Flour, Semolina, Cooking Soda, Refined Oil, Salt, Sugar, Water, Ginger, Red Chili Powder, Hing.

Recipe at a Glance : Make a dough of flour, semolina, pinch of cooking soda, enough oil and water ⇒ leave it for 30 minutes ⇒ smash boil dal ⇒ add hing to hot oil ⇒ add ginger paste, red chili powder, salt ⇒ fry ⇒ add smashed dal ⇒ fry ⇒ add roasted powder of dry red chili, cumin, fennel seed, coriander ⇒ cook ⇒ add sugar and garam masala ⇒ turn and cook ⇒ filling is ready. Make some small dough from larger one ⇒ shape like a bowl ⇒ put some filling and seal ⇒ press and shape as in picture ⇒ put one by one in cool oil ⇒ and slowly heat the pan ⇒ cook in low flame.

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  1. I love Garam Masala spice!!

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    1. Don’t tell anyone, in childhood I eat Cinnamon randomly but never confessed.

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      1. Can you tell me which is the most famous recipe in your country? I would like to try cooking something of traditional Indian!

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      2. Actually every region has its own special dish but Biriyani, Rasgulla, Hilsa fry, Hilsa Bhapa, Chingri Bhapa, Kheer Malai, Mughalai, Eggroll, Panipuri, it’s countless, thousand dish in different places.

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      3. 😱 as in Italy!! 1000000 dish! 😂 i know Biriyani and eggroll! So…… I guess I’ll cook naan whit…. 🤔 tikka chicken or korma chicken … ok? 😬

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      4. OK as per your taste is best!

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      5. Thanks for your kimdness!!

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      6. You are most welcome!

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  2. Danny says:

    I think we call this puf puf in Nigeria

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    1. Very good information, so Puf Puf in Nigeria! Thank you for providing the information.

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      1. Danny says:

        You are welcome. Those food look amazing and that sand rice blew my mind away.

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  3. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour mon Ami ou Amie
    Il y a des mots que l’on écrit sur une feuille de papier
    Comme enchantement la feuille se remplie
    Il y a aussi des mots que l’on tape sur son clavier
    C’est, ces émotions que je te fais partager
    Car se sont des mots d’Amitié avec du bonheur
    Passe une Bonne et agréable journée
    Une belle fête de Pâques à venir avec ta famille
    Gros bisous

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    1. Thank you very much! And you also enjoy with your family!

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      1. Y tu con la tuya, disfruta, paz y salud no hay de que, un placer ser un vecino portador. Buenas tardes.

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  4. Bernice says:

    Looks awesome! 💕

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    1. Thank you mam. This credit goes to the foodlovers of Uttar Pradesh.

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  5. Thank you for sharing such a great recipe. I look forward to exploring more of your blog very soon. I’m very interested in Indian cookery. I hope you check out my very successful food and lifestyle blog surreyKitchen.com very soon. my most recent posts are on Dim Sum but I just passed the WSET level 1 award in wine at Leiths school of cooking in central London. So if you love wine they are worth a read. Best wishes. Emma xxx

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    1. Great introduction! Thank you for the great introduction. I will love to follow and enjoy your recipes soon. Enjoy.


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