Jalpai-er Achar

Jalpai-er Achar
Jalpai-er Achar

Location : West Bengal.

Ingredients : Ceylon Olive (Jalpai), Sugar Cane Jaggery, Garlic, Red Dry Chili, Panch Phoron, Salt, Oil, Water, Black Salt.

Recipe at a Glance : Boil Jalpai ⇒ drain water and smash when warm (don’t smash seed) ⇒ crash garlic and fry ⇒ add smashed jaipai ⇒ fry ⇒ add salt and jaggery ⇒ turn and cook ⇒ add black salt ⇒ cook ⇒ add roasted red dry chili and panch phoron powder ⇒ turn and mix well. ▶️ Video Help

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