Farra from Madhya Pradesh, India | Best Indian Food Blog | Rice recipe

Farra from Madhya Pradesh, India | Best Indian Food Blog | Rice recipe

Location : Madhya Pradesh.

Preference : Veg.

Ingredients : Ginger, Garlic, Green Chilli, Boiled Rice, Salt, Rice Flour, Water, Soyabean Oil, Sesame.

Recipe at a Glance :

Step 1 : Boil rice, chop ginger, garlic, green chilli.

Step 2 : Knead boiled rice, add salt and rice flour, knead well to make a dough. (add water to prevent drying). Season for 15 minutes with cover.

Step 3 : Grease fingers and palm, pick a handful of dough and make a dumpling of it manually. Repeat and make more dumplings of the same.

Step 4 : Fry chopped garlic, chopped ginger, chopped green chilli, add sesame seeds and fry.

Step 5 : Add dumplings, turn carefully, fry in low flame, sprinkle water to get moisturized and cover to cook in low flame. Video Help

It’s ready to serve, let’s taste.

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  1. Look delicious 😋

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    1. Thank you very much. It’s all for you. Enjoy.

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      1. So good of you

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  2. I’m sure this is really delicious.

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    1. Yes, it was, but it could be furnished better in creative hand. As we represent traditional so we can’t manipulate.

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