Thor Bhaja from West Bengal, India | Best Indian Food Blog | Banana Stem recipe

Thor Bhaja from West Bengal, India | Best Indian Food Blog | Banana Stem recipe
Thor Bhaja from West Bengal, India | Best Indian Food Blog | Banana Stem recipe

Location: West Bengal.

Preference: Veg.

Ingredients: Thor (Banana Stem), Water, Green Chilli, Mustard Oil, Nigella Seed, Turmeric Powder, Salt, Sugar.

Recipe at a Glance:

Step 1: Chop Thor and dip into water.

Step 2: Split Green Chili.

Step 3: Drain the Water and keep chopped Thor aside.

Step 4: Fry Nigella Seed and chopped Green Chilli in Mustard Oil.

Step 5: Add chopped Thor, Turmeric Powder, Salt, turn and fry till tender.

Step 6: Add Sugar, turn and fry. Video Help

It’s ready to serve, let’s taste.

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  1. This is another amazingly tasty but healthy food that I enjoy at least twice a week. I have issues related to anemia, thor bhaja has helped me get rid of that problem as it is high in iron content. It is also quite useful for issues related to dysentery.
    I would really appreciate if you could go through our articles and help us grow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am happy to know, few people are still fond of authentic vegetables and foods. I have already visited your site last day and still reading! I will share my feedback soon. Good work.


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