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Few years before when we have been on the way of Thimphu, Bhutan. We took a short break and entered into a local restaurant, I saw some Lama was eating something and I asked the Lama about the food and the Lama answered me “…you won’t be able to eat the food, don’t order it…” I was confused! But I respect his honest answer, and that is why he is Lama. Actually, food is just a habit, there is nothing good or bad. If you have been eating any food for a long time then you actually adopting the habit. If you never had that food then it might be weird to you. That doesn’t mean it is bad! As I have adopted some regional foods from different communities of India already. But the people of the community are so good. So friendly they are. Wish to meet them again soon! Simple food, simple people, simple life, really, I like them. 👍💖

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  1. Shashwat Gupta says:

    sir please follow my page i am a big fan of your blogs

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    1. Thank you dear, your Banarasi Aloo Dum makes me hungry! 👍

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