Fresh Hot Jalebi at the street | Best Indian Food Blog

Just a single bite is not enough of Jalebi, specially when you are trying at the street. Frying in the oil, dipping into the sugar syrup and serving on the paper! So delicious hot fresh Jalebis! It was so delicious! I have had a lots of Jalebi at a time!💖💖💖

Rice Threshing with Farmers | Best Indian Food Blog

I am happy to work with our farmers. They are producing rice for us so why don’t we share our hands with them? It was an amazing experience although it was not so easy task for me! Yes, still in India farmers thresh rice or paddy manually, although some places of India and some largest…

Chow Mein | Best Indian Food Blog | Village Street Food of India

On the way going through the village of West Bengal we found a food stall, where the were making Chow Mein. The village environment was so interesting that stopped us. We have had lots of street foods in different cities but village street food has a different feelings. People are so friendly, the cordiality was…

Black Pepper Plant | Best Indian Food Blog

A Pepple tree is covered by Black Pepper Plant. The Black Pepper plant is full of green and fresh fruits. The colour of Pepper is so beautiful! Black Pepper is to use in various recipes in India and Indian subcontinent.